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Periodontal therapy

Gingivitis- Periodontitis

Gingivitis and periodontitis are gum inflections that affect 90% of the total population. When oral hygiene is not effective, bacteria are aggregated around the teeth and cause inflammation to the gums. Because of inflammation the gums and the bone that supports the teeth are gradually destroyed resulting in the loss of tooth stability and eventually of the tooth. The treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis is necessary to restore the health of the gums. Regular recall visits are also important in order to maintain the healthy status of the gums through time.



With the contribution of periodontal plastic surgery many aesthetic problems that are caused by the gummy smile, the asymmetry of the gum borders around the teeth, the exposed roots etc., can be restored.

Thus, aesthetic problems that the patients consider unsolvable can actually be restored painlessly, giving new possibilities in the aesthetics of a smile.

periodontologia33Before root coverage
periodontologia34After root coverage

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